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    Introduction of BMB
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    Features of BMB
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    How to Earn with BMB
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    Reasons to Buy BMB
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    BMB as an income platform
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Introduction Of BMB

1.1 What Is BMBCoin BMB

BMBCoin Is DeFi project with It's Own Decentralised BMB SWAP Exchange and Staking Platform.
BMB SWAP Exchange & Staking App Launching Soon After the end of Airdrop .

1.2 What Is BMB

BMB is the core token of BMBCoin Ecosystem . It is used in governance of the protocol and in various Features

1.3 How to Join airdrop ( BMB )

To be a Join you only need register an ETH address and hold the BMB tokens in one of the liquidity Form we will be setting up.

1.4 What About Lock Periods In Stacking Pool

Lock periods will be short durations for maximising of market activity. We will Create 120 hour lock pool, 7 day lock pool and 30 day lock pool with differing yield values for each. You will generate income from day one and you will be able to trade or sell your tokens without any limitation against all BMB/ETH Pool Pairs

1: Document History

2021 July 27
Website Launched
2021 July 27
Website and Template coding
2022 April 30
will be added staking schedule
2021 august 20
Start airdrop
2022 April 15
End Airdrop
2021 august 15
Start public pre-sale BMB
2022 April 20
Profit allocation increase to 100% deflationary for token holders
2022 April 25
When BMB entering the exchange
2022 April 25
Platform Fee Info BMB

Document Control

  • Version NO For Final Release
Issue Date
2021 29 July
Status Final
Document Responsible
Prepared By
Approval For Final Release

1: Project INFO/ Features of BMB

1.1 What Is BMBCoin

BMB is an up and coming popular method for cryptocurrency owners to gain passive income. It involves taking advantage of various incentives rewards for locking up (or staking) different cryptocurrencies. This whitepaper focuses on the BMBCoin Finance farming mechanism for the BMB token which we hope will become one of the highest performing yield farming pools

1.2 What is A BMB Staking Pool

Put simply, staking is the process of keeping funds in a cryptocurrency wallet (or staking pool) to help the underlying proof-of-stake blockchain network (for a particular project) operate more efficiently and securely.
A stake represents a voting right in a particular project that is earned after purchasing a minimum amount of coins. This means the more coins we hold in a staking pool, the more voting rights we obtain. And since holding the coins helps the underly voting rights we obtain. And since holding the coins helps the underlying proof-of-stake network operate more efficiently and securely, a reward is paid out.
Comparing and contrasting staking vs traditional passive investments Conceptually, the process of holding tokens and then being rewarded for holding them resembles certain passive-income instruments found in traditional finance, such as bonds or preference shares for instance. But fundamentally they are very different.

How to Earn with BMB Buy

There Are Many Reasons Why You Should By BMB?
• CREATIVE BUSINESS IDEA : An all in one project that will not disappear and fall. Will be backed up with professional human resources and powerfull project.
• TRAINING TO EMPLOYEE : Several cryptocurrency compa • TRAINING TO EMPLOYEE : Several cryptocurrency companies ranked 10 in cmc who support us from behind will help with project management
• BEST STRETEGY : All Unsold token in public and private sale will be burned. Token growth by listing on top 1 big exchanges and auto burning system that will decrease total Supply and increase Growth.
• BEST TEAMWORK EVER : Our team is highly experienced in software engineering and projects development.
• BUSINESS PRIVACY : User security in securities using staking pools, apps, and payments will be guaranteed safe and personal data will not be known even to our staff.
• BUSINESS IMPLEMENTATION : To achieve maximum results
• You can participate in the BMB public pre-sale and then sell it When BMB is listed in the exchange
• You can also Join Airdrop BMB and get 1500 BMB, which is equivalent to $150
• 1 BMB = 0.1$ Will be listed
  • Roadmap
2021 august 15 : Private and seed investor round
2021 august 15 : Crowd sale
2021 august 20 Start Airdrop
2022 April 15 End Airdrop
2021 august 15 Start public pre-sale BMB
2022 April 25 BMB Will Enter The Exchange
2022 April 30 Launch the Platform Exchange Decentralised BMB
2022 April 25 starting price BMB Will be announced
2022 April 30 Web staking launched and And the farm
2022 April 30 Android app with wallet and staking functionality
2022 May 07 Multi-crypto asset wallet functionality
2022 May 12 IOS app launched
2022 May 20 FCA Approval
2022 May 30 Marketing campaigns, hiring of staff, liśting of BMB on various exchangeś, running of social media channels, promotional content, diścussion on relevant forums, regulatory and legal registrations.

Pre sell BMB

Can I participate in BMB pre-sale:
Yes, BMB pre-sale will start on August 20, 2021 and will be announced on Telegram channel and group or Twitter account.

Airdrop BMB

What is the Airdrop Reward?
For each user who joins airdrop BMB, 1500 BMB is awarded for each equivalent of $ 150


Stacking App Or Web by BMB
In This app Or Web you can Stake Crypto In Various Pool, ( there will be 3 Pool In App) And In Every Pool There Will Be 2 Pair Of BMB/ETH and BMB/USDT
This will be the easiest and most secure way to earn passive income in crypto !
Your profit goes from the cryptocurrency networks powered by Proof-Of-Stake and masternode technologies. We are securing those networks, and you are earning from it !
5.1 What Is Stacking App ? 5.2 Features Of BMB Stacking App ? (i) You Can Instantly Swap BMB To Supported Crypto - ETH, USDT (ii) You Can Also Instantly Buy BMB At Exchange Price There By Supported Crypto. • Fully automated staking & masternode pool Deposits, rewards, and withdrawals proceed instantly. You are here to stake, not to wait! • Rewards compounding Every reward is reinvested instantly. It makes your portfolio to grow faster. • No lockup period Deposit and withdraw your crypto at any time and in any

BMB as an income platform

What is BMB SWAP Exchange ?
This Exchange will be an automated market making exchange interface similar to UNISWAP and SUSHISWAP, this will be different in the way that it enables token liquidity providers to add a maximum impermanent loss threshold to the smart contract when they add liquidity, essentially ensuring trust that they won't lose 100% of their assets for supporting a project. To be a user of BMB Finance Swap exchange you only need to integrate Metamask once and add your BMB Tokens to your dashboard wallet.
BMB SWAP exchange is planned for testing Soon We aim to have it operational by of 2022 April 30. With community driven research and development to help shape the future of the exchange platform

Regulatory Inveśtpal

Ltd (BMB) will comply with all local laws and regulationś before the launch of each service feature. Investpal Ltd HQ will be regiśtered in the Canada and will comply with the FCA regulations on KYC, AML and any other requirements. Any local launch will be based on the approval of the respective financial regulator. We aim to enśure that we have followed all the industry best practices when it comes to securing infrastructure and data protection including ISO/IEC 27001:2013, śarbanes-Oxley (śOX), EU GDP R and the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).
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